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Monday, 9 May 2011

Top 5 Funny Novelty Items

We all enjoy novelty items. There are many different products available that can assist individuals in their day to day work, be placed as decorative items, or simply bring joy to those that come in contact with them. Here, you will be introduced to five really funny things. You may or may not have seen these items, but you are sure to get a kick out of them!
  1. USB Butt Cooler - Is your rear end just too hot to handle? Are you looking for the perfect gift for a boss that you feel needs to cool his butt down? Then, the USB Butt Cooler may be just right! This funny novelty item was created by the Japanese. It is basically a seat cushion with a built in fan that works to cool the buttocks and even the legs! While it is a practical product with some functionality, it can also be given as a funny gift to a friend, relative, neighbor, or coworker!
  2. Lava Lamp Shot Glasses - Are you the type that is fascinated with lava lamps? Do you enjoy taking shots of your favorite liquor? If so, you may enjoy our next funny novelty item - lava lamp shot glasses! When liquid is poured into the glasses, the LED's built into the product start to display colored lights. Blue, red, and green psychedelic colors can ultimately enhance the drinking experience!
  3. Spider Catcher - Do you really want to have some fun? Then give the gift of the ever-popular Spider Catcher. This is especially funny when given to someone who has a terrible fear of spiders. You should watch them trying to catch a wolf spider with this gadget! This is also a funny little item to give to kids and others who want to study insects but do not want to harm them!
  4. Gun Remote Control - Do you really want to freak someone out? Then this is a product that will provide a lot of laughs! It is the gun remote control! Imagine the surprise of your visitors when you whip out this item and point it at your television set! This product even makes a real gun sound when used! Just be sure to be extra careful toting this pistol - this is especially true if you answer the door with the remote in your hand!
  5. Magic Remote Controls - We have all seen the movie "Click". If you are like me, you probably thought that the concept of controlling things other than electronic devices was quite appealing. Well, now, you can purchase a magic remote control that is designed to control a man or a woman. If they are talking too much, push a button in order to hear a voice command. If they are complaining about bills, simply push the appropriate button! You will have visitors laughing until they cry with this type of product!

Honorable Mention
There are a few funny items that I feel deserve honorable mention. There are as follows:
  1. USB LED Beverage Cooler
  2. Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain
  3. Screaming Monkey Slingshot
All of these items can be found online. The most popular websites for funny things are:
  1. Think Geek
  2. Things You Never Knew Existed
  3. Spencer's
If you are in the market for funny things, you simply cannot go wrong with these websites. There are a number of novelty items available to those who are looking for a good laugh, or simply want to give the gift of laughter to another!


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