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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How To Maintain Door Hinges

We all understand the utility of door hinges. Door hinges basically swing when we need to open a door, holding it securely in frame. No matter the type, door hinges will always wear out after a number of uses, sometimes even prematurely. Keep in mind that hinges are very easy to maintain and the process can be easily completed by a beginner! All that you'll be required to do is to follow a few simple steps that we're going to go through in the next lines. There's no need to waste money on new hinges when you can maintain and reuse your current ones!
Nobody likes squeaky doors. Door hinges should always be maintained at least a couple of times per year if you want them to function properly. Hinges have also changed quite a lot over the years and they now come in a very wide array of finishes and materials, not just steel, brass and iron. Screws are usually the ones that fail first, but if you own quality door hinges they will most likely never require any maintenance since they're designed to never rust or tarnish. Depending on the situation, the screws can be stressed a lot and will surely require to be replaced sooner or later.
If you notice that the door hinges show signs of aging, you should start the maintaining process by changing the screws. You need to repeat this process a few times per year to ensure that everything is working properly. Start by checking for loose screws and change them where necessary. You can do this easily with a screwdriver. Sometimes we may also notice that the screws spin in place. This means that the screw holes are stripped and you will need to remove the screws. Simply dip a few matches inside the screw hole and the problem should now be gone.
When dealing with creaks and squeaks you need to apply a couple of WD-40 squirts. Be sure to spray every joint so that it soaks in the middle. You can use cooking oil for the same purpose as well if you don't have any WD-40, but this won't solve the problem for long! WD-40 is available in a lot of countries at the moment and it can be found just about anywhere, such as hardware, grocery or convenience stores. As you can see, door hinges are very easy to maintain and the process doesn't require a lot of your time!


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