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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

he Funny Thing About Online and Network Marketing

There's a funny thing about online and network marketing, and that's the care taking of the newbies.
For whatever when not guided by an experienced, savvy veteran. And every newbie that really wants to seriously become someone in this industry gets the books and ebooks, attends the seminars and web seminars and somewhat still resists the application of the heard, read and learned stuff but rather commits exactly the mistakes he has heard and read about, to learn it that way, the "hard way", what he could have avoided if he only would have really taken on and applied the advice he received.
And so, when growing older in this industry he at some point in time will remember back to his beginning days and what he all had struggled back then and what he all has learned meanwhile and he sees "how easy" life can be when applying and respecting certain rules and he decides to speak or write about "his experience" on this journey for the new coming newbies not to make the same mistakes he had made when he started out in internet, online and network marketing.
And like this the whole process starts all over again because there will be a lot of newbie marketers out there that will hear and read the advices, that will attend the seminars and web seminars being offered, for free as well as paid, and these same newbies will again and again not apply what they have heard and read and will commit the same mistakes that our newbie from the beginning has made and at some point in time, when they will have grown older in this industry, these former newbies will decide to write a book or speak on a seminar to the then newbies about the mistakes they should not commit because our "second generation newbies" have learned it in the "school of hard knocks" that, you know how that goes on now, do you?
I can refer with this to a very, but very good movie with Al Pacino ("Scent of a Woman"), playing a blind man "defending" a student in a "trial" where he was accused of something he hadn't done but was not willing to reveal the name of the person he knew that it was; for integrity reasons. In that defense al pacino said: "i always knew what was the right way but I never took it! You wanna know why? Because it's too damn hard!"
Sometimes it's really "too damn hard" to do the right thing. But sometimes it's also only our inner resistance that keeps us from taking the right path. Where this inner "help-resistance" - like my father used to call it - comes from is an issue psychologists and psychiatrists should be worrying about. I only know that it simply is that way.
And I can only appeal to you that you read this to not do it!
Don't resist receiving help when you can, especially when you start something new that you know much about, still. Don't be so proud saying or thinking the four most dangerous words in English language: "I...... know...... that...... already" because you don't! Not only open yourself wide enough to receive any true help offered, but be "un-proud" enough to then also apply the learned stuff! If you have good mentors and coaches they don't tell you those things because they like to hear themselves talking. They tell you that because they really want to help you, they really want to cut short your learning curve and see you "in the money" sooner and quicker than it had happened with them.
TAKE the advice of your Mentor or Coach and APPLY it! It will do you good!
Thomas Jungblut is a marketing expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs become skilled marketers and better people. After having been laid off his long year depending casino company he soon turned onto the Internet to make a living there. What he has learned during his beginning times and what he keeps experimenting he is sharing with the interested individual both the personal and the virtual way.Thomas is helping create 100 millionaires by the year 2012 and is on the best way to even becoming one of them himself. He currently helps entrepreneurs in over 190 countries learn the art of Internet, Online and Network Marketing, and ultimately become Marketing Experts themselves to then go and teach the next generation.


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