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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Funny Things to Text Girls

The best things to text girls are things that are funny, playful, teasing and humorous.
Why is it good to text girls things that are funny?
When a girl receives a funny text from you, she will experience positive emotions which she will then anchor towards you.
If you've sent her a few funny things before you ask her on a date, she's more likely to go on the date because she'll remember who you make her feel through text and will assume you'll make her feel good on the date.
So what are some funny things to text girls?
Here is a list of my top 3 funny things to text girls:
Those luscious lips, that hot body, those gorgeous eyes.....but enough about me, how's your day going?
I heard on the news someone checked into the pysch ward wearing only her underwear and riding a goat. I'll come & get u.... BUT THIS HAS 2 STOP!!!!
6 truths in your life:
1. You can't lick all your teeth with your tongue.
2. You're an idiot, because you just tried to proof truth number one.
3. Truth one is a lie.
4. Now you're smiling, because you're a goof.
5. You'll send it to another idiot in the near future.
6. You're still smiling ;-)
These are just a few examples of some funny things to text a girl you like. Just make sure you don't over do it.
You don't want to text her funny things every day or it'll get old and you'll just come off as a clown. And lets face it, women don't find clowns sexy.
So if you mix funny texts with some other elements that show you are challenging, direct, bold and a leader, girls will literally be begging to date you.
For more funny things to text girls and other texts that will make women want you more than any other guy


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