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Monday, 9 May 2011

Saying it With a Smile Instead of Words

One of the most common tools for communication that we have today is the SMS text messaging service. Anyone who has a mobile phone in their possession will without a doubt use the SMS application. Next to making a phone call, it is the next fastest, easiest and most instant form of communication on the most easily accessible communication tool that we have in our possession.
However, sending a SMS text is not like sending an email or a letter. True you are also composing and typing out the message to be sent, but unlike crafting out an email or letter, you don't have a lot of space to work with when it comes to SMS. Mobile phones usually have a word limit on the SMS messages sent, and typing out the full length of the words sometimes takes up a lot of space. This is why abbreviations, or rather the shorter from of the words, are used instead of typing out the full length of it.
For example, the word 'Text' becomes 'Txt', the word 'crying' becomes 'cryn' for short, and phrases such as 'laugh out loud' becomes 'LOL', or 'talk to you later' becomes 'ttyl'. And sometimes words can even be replaced with what is known as emoticons. Emoticons are little yellow smiley faces that convey emotions, sometimes better than words can. For example if you wanted to send a smile SMS to someone, you can do so by sending an emotion happy faced smiley instead of typing out an entire messages that will convey you are happy or smiling.
Emoticons certainly get the job done much faster, and it is a real space saver too. Compared to typing out an entire message, which could take a lot of time and possibly a number of messages just to convey how you feel, you can instead just send a smile SMS with a happy faced emotion and the person will instantly get what you mean.
With text messaging, you sometimes need to be careful about the things you say or write because messages can easily be misunderstood by the receiving party, especially if the SMS happens to be long winded or much too complicated. Keep things simple, short and to the point at best to avoid any unnecessary complications that might arise. Such as when you want to convey that you are happy or smiling in the message. A smile SMS with a happy faced emotion certainly gets the point clear across much better than an SMS filled with words trying to convey the same meaning would.


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