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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Find Your Own Creative Cooking Ideas In The Kitchen

Making cooking recipes starts with one item. For the purposes here boneless chicken breast will be used. The best way to create tasty and fresh recipes is to start putting spices into the chicken as it is cooking. This can be done in oil but it is absorbed better by the meat when it is cooked in water. Preference is the only way to do it right. There are a few spices that do not work well with chicken but that, too, depends on the tastes of the person preparing it.
Vegetables are an entire different subject but can be made into some of the most colorfully beautiful dishes ever eaten too. Some vegetables have a distinctly overpowering taste that cannot be washed away. One of them is green beans. If those who will be eating it do not like them it is best to use them as a subtle difference and in small quantities into another dish. There are several recipes for heated spinach dip or artichoke dip. These both have green in them and the mixture is very different. Adding a few squashed up green beans will give the family the nutritional benefits of these vegetables and hide them from their eyes as well.
Creative cooking requires no degree, no special training or anything of the sort. All it entails is a bit of flair, a cupboard full of spices and a love of food. These combine well with any dish, any type of food and any cooking situation to create some of the most awesome recipes ever heard of. In fact, this is the way most of the recipes people use today were made in the first place.
Deep frying recipes is one of the most fun to make up. It is probably one of the more dangerous ones as well if a special deep fryer is not present. With them at decent prices on many sites and in several housewares departments it is best to use them. This will remove any possibility of the oil getting too hot and causing a fire in the kitchen. Breads are one of the easiest items to deep fry aside from potatoes and everyone knows the tasty wonders they make. Here is a great recipe for chicken and dumplings.
Chicken, cooked (this can be breasts, fried, cubed or pulled)
Bread dough (home made or store bought)
Spices as desired by the cook
Take the chicken and have it in easy to handle sizes. Spice it to taste or leave it bland. There is no wrong way. Take a small ball of dough and roll it out with a rolling pin. Place a small amount of chicken into the dough and pinch it together so the chicken is sealed inside. Drop each ball carefully into the 350 deg oil and let it cook. Each one is done the same way. When the bread is cooked remove it and put them aside on a paper towel to drain.
These taste great in avocado dip, cheese dip, chicken soup both canned and home made or just dip them in broth.
Creative cooking ideas come to most cooks as a whim. They desire to give the family something they have never tried before to spice up the kitchen. There are plenty of cooking recipes in books or online. Another great place to find them is in old copies of Magazines. But no matter how great a recipe sounds on paper the most awesome recipes are made in the kitchen of a woman trying to please her family.


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