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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bench Grinder - How You Can Keep It Working For Years And Years

Here are some tips suitable for maintaining a bench grinder:
Tip 1 - Caring for the surface
As tough and solid a bench grinder might appear, it may possibly still suffer problems if it's not positioned in a suitable area. Due to varying designs and shapes, installation is often troublesome, so the following are some simple guidelines for installing.
Select an effective location
Bench grinders are usually not effortless to move about. To safely move it over again, you will have to experience all the bother of dismantling the entire thing all over again. So, to minimize this time consuming escapade, it definitely pays to pick out an area which is central to most of your needs. Avoid installing the bench grinder in a prominent spot, unless you intend to make use of this bench more frequently than, for example, the table saw.
Bolting Factors
It is always quite critical to choose the proper size bolt whenever one is securing it on or against the wall. The bolt needs to be sturdy and secure enough to hold the bench grinder to the work surface tightly. Don't use small, slender bolts, as they might be very wobbly. If possible, bolts measuring five to six inches in length and three quarters of an inch in diameter are far more suitable to work with, since they usually tend to perform better.
Be conscious of an uneven floor
An uneven floor isn't a grinder's friend. Not only might this endanger the unit, but it is also one way to encourage accidents. Therefore, when picking a position, make certain that the place you want your bench grinder to be standing on has a correctly leveled spot. You can utilize several leveling tools to measure the size of the area in question. Also, be mindful of your grinder's dimensions when checking the area.
Tip 2 - Pampering the Grinder
An useful way to help keep your bench grinder constantly in fine condition is by pampering it using oil and grease. It's a highly effective protecting method which helps keep rust out. Whenever applying oil and grease, however, always keep each of its cover screws locked properly prior to and following every oiling. Moreover, be certain to examine its abrasive wheel for any splits.
Tip 3 - Toning the Stones
Applying light oil to its stone while using the bench grinder can be an effective method to help keep glazing from appearing. You can also prevent glazing by cleaning off the excessive oils, as well as the grits by using a thoroughly clean cloth or towel after each use. Should glazed pieces appear, however, dry cleansing it using solvent might eliminate the trouble.


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