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Thursday, 19 May 2011

I Like To Smile - With All Of The Blessings Received

Smiling is the most wonderful expression of every individual whenever he is happy. It shows happiness as the emotional status of a person. I like to smile to catch many attentions. I like to smile because this is the time when people notice me just the way I wanted them to. It creates a great impact on my personality. People will have a good impression about you if you keep on smiling. Positive energy and blessings will come your way too. I like to smile - it makes good things come to life for me. This article will let you know the reasons why I like to smile and, who knows, they could be your reasons too.
I like to smile because it makes my day. People from all lifestyles, in every corner of the world, will have a good impression about my personality, particularly my attitude, if I will keep on smiling. For example, I have a good job and I am enjoying it - this is one good enough reason for me to smile. I believe that we will have a positive thinking about the world if we will continue to smile. Psychologically speaking, if you think you are having no reason to be lonely, and then all you have to do is to smile. Always bear in mind that what the mind conceives, the body achieves; mind over matter - this is what I believe in. I love to smile because it completes my day, knowing that the people who surround me are having a wonderful thought about my character and my entire personality-and in all aspect too. In addition, I like to be photogenic when my friends and I will look at our pictures. I want them to see me more as someone appealing, even in my pictures.
I remember when I was young, I cried a lot about anything, probably because I was too worried about so many things then. After that, I eventually learned to smile. My mother taught me to seal all the gifts I received with smiles and kisses. By this, I can make simple presents special. I like to smile just as the others do. Beauty is senseless without the lovely smiles on our faces. I like to laugh too. Many studies have found out that smile and laughter can help our body become more active. They release the tension and stress, and this is very good for our health. The buildup of health problems can be lessened and can even be prevented. Laughing can provide more oxygen and can regulate our hearts to pump better so that we can have a better blood circulation all over. In addition, the adrenaline is released to make us feel all right.
To add more, are you familiar with the song, "I can't smile without you?" and how we can relate to it? As we grow older and more mature, we have crushes. I also had a crush to smile on for. No matter how bad our mood is, we keep the smiles in our faces because we have to look more presentable than ever to impress our crushes. However, smiling is not complete without some good and healthy teeth. I like to smile because I have them. It is a representation that we are neat and that we are practicing good personal hygiene. It is something that most people should take care of. We can wear that fresh and happy smile if we have a good set of teeth. However, with or without it, you can be happy, since there are ways on how to improve them and reconstruct the entirely broken ones.
I like to be happy just as everyone else in the world. I sincerely believe that nobody wants to be lonely. Therefore, my suggestion would be-to always be positive. If you live the life of an optimist, you can surely win all battles in life. In addition, you can gain self-confidence. You will be confident enough to face everything in the world. I like to smile because it brings joy to my life. Although there are times when I like to frown, I know that every hardships and dark road will be over and eventually, everything will be okay - soon. Based on all of my experiences, I like to smile. No one can take my happiness away. Learn how to smile from the bottom of your heart and you will meet all the blessings and good fortune. It is a perfect way to show your gratitude about life. I like to smile because it reflects my lifestyle, character, and personality.


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