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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to Write a Humorous Article Online

Telling a joke, can be easy, but getting your humorous point out there can be difficult. Few sites only put up jokes. But you can find an Online Article Site, which allows you to post your story or humorous article. You will be smart to send in your articles to such a site. I particularly find this to be so when telling a joke on the humor category. Generally you can tell a joke to make a point as an analogy in 50-80 words and therefore your point is made, some with as little as 25-40 words. Everyone relates with humor. But Ezine Newsletters and Online Article Submission Sites have stipulations on size of articles and do not allow for such things as straight jokes and there are really no joke sites to submit to so your jokes can get picked up all over the Internet. And even if there were you could not put a substantial byline underneath to do you any good or recruit people to your website.
You will find that if you have a story type joke that you can in fact easily add to it to make it funny, captivating, ironic and put it into a reality based setting. Here is an example of a worthy try:


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