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Monday, 9 May 2011

7 Effective Ways to Heal Smile Lines

Smile should be gracious as smile is contagious. If smile is weaning then you should be very careful about it. We try to hide our face is our face is hurt, as we always want to have a best welcoming environment around ourselves. If smile is affected, it affects our mood and confidence greatly.
Smile can be treated in various ways if the skin surrounding the mouth gets weak and down due to various reasons. Skin becomes wrinkled and loose with age as well as if any injury has caused the mouth muscles to some extent. If mouth structure is affected due to certain teeth ailment then teeth should be fixed in the first place.
Skin aging can be prevented by following certain home remedies which don't cost you a penny. What it does is a quite a little time and effort from your end.
Here are a few ways to heal your long cherished smile.
  1. You can massage the face and the muscles around the mouth in the upward fashion.
  2. Rolling movements on the cheeks and chin at the time of massage can impart some life in the muscles which have been stagnant due to various reasons
  3. Treating the face with anti wrinkle creams can serve as an effective remedy
  4. Home remedies like application of turmeric, aloe-vera gel, and batter made from yogurt, honey and vitamin e capsules can provide a healing effect to facial muscles rendering better flexibility for better smile.
  5. Paste made from milk and gram flour along with a little turmeric can also work wonders for the treatment of smiles and wrinkles near the mouth region.
  6. Getting adequate sleep at night helps rejuvenating the mind and body as well as heal smile lines which have been a great cause of concern
  7. Aloe vera gel as well as lip balm can help heal the cracks on your lips and help your smile from the heart
Following these simple steps for smile lines can not only help you smile better, but also treating yourself for smile lines will make you blossom from the heart.


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