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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Pleasure of Reading Various Types of Wedding and Engagement Poetry

The time between an engagement and a wedding, and then continuing from the ceremony through the reception on the nuptial day, gives great opportunities for excellent poetry. All types of poems, written for these very special occasions, exist. They may be serious or amusing, part of a rite, a speech or "just because".
Various Types of Poems are Available
Examples of these numerous types of poems are: a blessing from the parents to one or both children, a poetic proposal from the fiancé to the fiancée (or vice versa) and the vows to be exchanged during the ceremony itself. There are also story poems that "take place" at various points along the time line from the engagement all the way through the reception party. And, let's not forget the speeches delivered, typically at the reception, by the best man, the maid of honor, the father of the bride and others.
While vows and poems of blessing are usually solemn, other poems and speeches for this time may be funny or downright silly. Think of a best man speech with the desired effect of breaking the ice amongst the reception guests so that they all start talking to one another. Or perhaps a poem about all the things that could go wrong at a wedding or about a bride waking up an hour before the ceremony and not yet being dressed.
Vows, speeches, and proposals are by definition intended to be read aloud or recited as part of a rite or to an audience, whereas story poems are often intended to be read quietly for personal entertainment. Story poems about getting married may also be given as gifts for enhancing the lead up to and thrill of the upcoming event, or maybe, read aloud at a preliminary event such as a bridal shower.
What about Custom Poetry, Vows or Speeches?
Some poems and speeches, although good, are generic, like a greeting card verse, and may be read and delivered by anyone and addressed to anyone. Custom poetry is written specifically for the reader or the recipient. For example, if the bride has flaxen hair or dark eyes, then the groom may want these attributes in the poem. Likewise, if the couple enjoys skiing, traveling or cooking, then it may be great for these topics to be interwoven into a poem or speech about the couple. And, if the couple shares a deep and intimate spiritual connection, then they may want their vows to specifically reflect this.
Even funny or silly poems can be customized. For example, limericks to recite at a wedding are also excellent short poems to customize. There was a girl from Des Moines....
So, if you are planning a wedding, have been asked to deliver a speech at the reception, or just like poetry, this type of writing is a real treat.


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