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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Funny Life Quotes to Keep the Fun and Humor Alive

Go Online and you will come across hundred of thousand of funny life quotes. Whether you want to brighten up your day, lighten up the things or want to burst yourself with laughter, you will find all sort of funny quotes on internet.
A lot of websites features funny life quotes. Some of these websites are quotes sharing websites where everyone around the globe can post their favorite funny quotes. One can also rate quotes posted by others. Several sites provide their own collection of funny quotes. You simply need to browse the site without making any efforts.
In today's busy world, nobody has free time to go cinema to watch that long funny movie which seems to be funny at the beginning but end up being not funny at all. And you can't go out to watch these movies along with your family. You know the reason. So this is totally wastage of money as well as time.
Instead, go online and read some funny life quotes. It's far more convenient compared to other sources of entertainment. In other sources of fun, you may need to spend some money. But reading funny life quotes is free and won't take much time either. The result - you have unlimited fun and amusement.
Funny Quotes about life spread like a virus. But unlike other virus, it is neither damaging nor harmful but only witty. When you like some funny quotes, you probably want all your near and dear ones to be the part of fun too. Thus, you forward it to your friends and your friends will forward it to their friends. Thus this cycle of forwarding, spread the fun all over the world making the whole world a happier place to live in.
Honestly, I think there is no other way which is as effective as funny life quotes in terms of keeping the fun and humor alive despite of all the stress and problems one's face. Its best way to unwind from a long day at office, pep up your mood and re-energize your spirit.
So next time you feel sad and gloomy just hit the mouse and read your favorite funny quotations about life and keep the fun and humor alive in your life


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