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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Funny Poems

Funny poems are nothing less than creative comedy. This is why many people believe that poets who write funny poetry are the most creative poets.
The sole purpose of funny poems is to make the reader laugh and whether or not the poet accomplishes this will determine whether the poem will be perceived as good or bad. Not all poets can write comedy just like not all people can tell a good joke. People who are good at making people laugh and have a creative mind should make for funny poets.
Funny poems can be used for many different purposes. It can be used as a birthday gift, in a get well card, valentine card, to embarrass someone or something and for many other purposes.
When a poet is starting the process in writing a funny poem there is no limit to how the poem must be written. The poem can be written in the form of a joke but the poem can also be written about something or someone in a comedy style. For instance it can be about bugs in an apartment, a government policy, or comedic things about the poet who is writing the poem. Poets who don't normally write this kind of poetry but often write poems are known to experiment with this form of poetry.
There are many popular forms of poetry and funny poetry is one of the most popular ones. As long as there are poets writing poetry you can expect for this poetry to continue to grow.


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