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Monday, 18 April 2011

Libya And The Collision Of The Willing

Before UNSCR 1973 was enforced by The Collision of the Willing (Sorry, can´t think of a better name) was put into effect, despite its overwhelming fire superiority, the Ghaddafi forces had trouble pushing the rebels eastward. They also had trouble controlling Misurata.
This indicated that to help the rebels all was needed was to knock out a few tanks and some artillery positions.
On the forefront of the Collision of the Willing was France who went ahead and did the job right, bombed a Ghaddafi unit deployed in the field.
Then, the reluctant non leaders of the Collision started kabooming by launching hundreds of cruise missiles into Libyan installations. This is bound to cause civilian casualties, or if not, accusations of harming civilians.
Already we are seeing protests from around the world. This includes some NATO members.
The whole Allied operation is converting itself into a free for all political fiasco. There are no guidelines as to what is to be achieved. Regime change? No. Kill Ghaddafi? No. Then why bomb his compound?
It appears that the bombing operation has gone awry, well beyond the military requirement of creating a level playing field for the rebels and the political objective to allow the rebels to vote with guns if they are not allowed to cast ballots.
Meanwhile, The Collision of the Willing have turned a blind eye to Bahrain where Saudis are crushing Bahrainis within earshot of the US naval base there.
Like I said in an earlier article, Americans would have done well releasing Victor Bout from prison and letting him even out the playing field. Does the word subtlety exists in the US Government dictionary? The US has too many weapons, this power brings about arrogance.
If someone would have supplied the Libyan rebels with on hundred tandem antitank missiles two weeks ago, they would have had enough trained gunners to take care of Ghadaffi´s tanks. Remember how Hezbullah stopped the Israeli Army?
In this age of asymmetrical warfare, American military should learn to think small.


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