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Monday, 18 April 2011

Fresh This Morning

I experienced a birthday like no other this Wednesday. Usually round numbers with a 0 attached become significant starting at 30. With all kinds of metaphors mostly ones that stick us with the gentle barb that we are leaving youth behind. However, this one hit me particularly hard trans liminally and I was not prepared. I experienced fear and exhilaration with barely any separation between the two extremes. And because of my heightened awareness I was able to be fully associated and be the witness to it as well. Age is just a number is all I heard on Wednesday and that may be so but the stick is definitely getting shorter. And I think I have a firm grip on the reality that I have to keep my gaze fixed on the road ahead and pay as little attention to that rear view mirror lest it distract me from keeping my generativity alive. I never want to feel stagnation or worse yet despair. I am still young enough to contribute to those I love and have positive influence on and for that I can stay in the moment and be eternally grateful.
The stick is getting shorter but the day I reached 60 I had so many Hallmark cards in writing and in my ear, it made me cognizant that people know I am here and I am not just a man slipping into dare I say old age. Yes there are those that good naturedly call me “old man” but those are the ones that love me the most so I never take it in any other vein, because I must give them meaning in their life as they do in mine.


About the author Jack Briant: My writings are personal musings, but they transcend my own individual experience and seek to touch your heart and soul through experiences of your own.
I seem to see life through the lens of metaphors that show up whenever I am moved or connected with the deeper meaning of life in front of me. My style humorous in one layer can move you to tears or have you nodding "yes" as you sidle up to the emotions in you.
My explorations delve into the human condition as it relates to fragmented relationships, blended family challenges and any form of the addictions that plague us.
I won't try to tell you what to do or give you 10 easy steps or even point you in the direction I think you should be headed. Rather it is my wish that you take longer looks at the areas of your life you only gave fleeting glances to


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